Camp NCN

Campground and Hotel Takeover Policies

We reserve the right to cancel an event (with a full refund) due to low enrollment or other factors.

Please note that if paying by check, your registration will not be confirmed until we receive your check. A non-confirmed registration does not guarantee your prefered location at the event will be available. Without payment, no reservation will be confirmed. Reservations made or cancelled within 45 days of an event are non-refundable.

If renting a cabin/chalet and paying by check, we accept personal checks prior to 30 days before the event. After the 30 days we will only take a money order check or credit/debit card payment.

All payments for cabins/chalets must be received 2 weeks prior to events to hold the reservation. If payment is not received in time the cabin/chalet will be released and rented out.

For paid registrations canceled 45 days or less prior to event, there will be no refunds. If canceled 46 days or more before event, there will be a refund of 75% of the cost paid.

With all Wisconsin Hotel Takeovers, the location of the event will not be published publicly for many reasons. Many people have come to expect location details of the hotel weeks prior to an event or at the time of making their reservation with us. Our policy is to email directions to the hotel three to seven days prior to the event. Only those customers who have confirmed reservations will receive an email with the directions, all others will be asked to complete payment or their reservation may be cancelled.


I certify I am 18 years of age or older, and will provide a government issued photo ID as proof of age.

I hearby release and discharge NCN-North LLC, it's officers, staff, enrollees, guests and all other persons and entities which may sponsor, promote, operate, own or manage the event or the event site from and and all claims, damages, causes of action of any kind which arise out of or are connected with my on-site camping.

I understand that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on all controlled substances and such items are NOT allowed in any part of the campground.

I understand that if I am found transporting or in possession of a controlled substance, I will be asked to leave without a refund and may be subject to prosecution under local, state, and federal laws.


There is ABSOLUTELY no glass permitted at the campground. ALL GLASS CONTAINERS WILL BE CONFISCATED! This is for your safety and that of others. You will be warned the first time, the second time you will be asked to leve without a refund. We reserve the right to search vehicles for glass containers.


We have a zero tolerance policy on this issue. You and your party will be removed from the event immediately without a refund. In addition, you will be banned from all future NCN events and facilities.


We encourage you to have a good time during your stay with us. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. You may be asked to leave the campground if your behavior interferes with the enjoyment of others.


While outside the campground, be sure to dress and act appropriately.


Please leave the campground how you found it. Use the provided trash containers. Don't cut down trees for firewood. Waste and 'grey' water should be disposed of in the designated areas. Campfires should only be placed inside the provided fire rings and NEVER leave a fire unattended.


In the event of a medical emergency or problem, remain clear of the area and let the appropriate personnel do their jobs.


To stop the spread of Gypsy Moths and other damaging insects, the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources forbids the use of firewood from outside the local community. Firewood is available for purchase on site.


Generators will ONLY be allowed in the overflow camping, parking lot area.


There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on all controlled substances and such items are NOT allowed on campground property. Possession, use or transport of controlled substances will result in immediate and permanent ejection from the campground and may result in prosecution under local, state, and Federal laws.


Neither NCN-North, LLC, it's officers, staff, enrollees, guests, and all other persons and entities which may sponsor, promote, operate, own or manage the campground shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance. You will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability prior to your admission to the campground.


The campground is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items. If you've lost something, talk to one of the staff. If you've found something, bring it to one of the staff. If you're planning on stealing, stay at home.


Park only in designated spaces, vehicles found in other places will be towed.


Pets are allowed in campground under the following conditions:

1) Pets should be well behaved. 2) Pets must be leashed and remain at your campsite. 3) Pet's owners must clean up after their pets. 4) There is a $30 fee if you would like to keep your pet in a cabin, chalet, or any other sleeping accomodation. Please pay this fee when checking in.

No Pets are allowed in the Cabins or Chalets. Service Animals are allowed for $30 per pet each night.


Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of payment for sexual services ARE ILLEGAL. This will not be tolerated. Obey all local, state, and federal laws, or you will be removed from the campground.