Campground For Sale


For Sale


I, Marvin O Thomann (owner) of Camp NCN Adult 18+ “Sexual Freedom” Theme Park Campground, would like to give someone the opportunity to purchase the established business. I bought this campground on April 2, 2002 and turned it into a one-of-a-kind venue.

$500K down with balance on land contract – is an option.

As of Sept 12, 2022: the price for the campground is $4 Million. This includes 5 parcels of land,  the entire campground, the Tenant house, the business, the 4.67 acres commerical lot, and the lot of about 10 acres just South of the Campground, and all of the equipment.

Camp NCN is an adult venue campground and hotel party business that has been well established in the mid-west and offers a truly one-of- a-kind experience to it’s guests. From Biker Rallies and Music Events to Alternative lifestyles, NCN has a proven track record in providing Adults a safe and fun escape that is unmatched. NCN has continued to show growth with no signs of decline.

As the facilities and grounds continue to improve and people from all over discover the freedom NCN offers, the business will no doubt continue to see substantial growth.

Any questions, please contact Marv Thomann at 715-299-7138