May 7-9, 2021

Open to all lifestyles and all people. Couples and singles.

Welcome to Camp NCN’s opening weekend.
Just some quick information for this weekend:

Campground Fee is waived for camping as long as you work your assigned tasks. This includes primitive camping. For a fee you can rent a cabin for the weekend or upgrade to and electric camp site.

This weekend is dedicated to getting the campground ready for the season so we have a lot of different types of work that needs to be done. A list of work will be prepared for assignment. This weekend can be cold or nice out so dress appropriately.
We work during the day and then play at night.

We will be watching who is working and there will be a prize for the hardest working volunteers.

Come and join us for a wonderful community building activity, meet our staff, learn the grounds and check out our facility.

Click the banner in right sidebar to view ‘Booking Instructions’ for specific details including terms.

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