Construction Updates

Welcome to the exclusive sneak peek into the exciting NCN-Style developments happening at Camp NCN for the upcoming 2024 season!

First and foremost, anticipate the grand reveal of our NCN-Style brand-new bathhouse, enjoying the convenience of an on-site internet cafe, NCN-Style. We’re setting the stage for a perfect blend of nature and technology, ensuring your stay is as comfortable as it is connected.

Designed for all lifestyles, the new bathhouse includes outdoor showers, indoor showers, five stalls inside, two urinals, a sink with a couple of shower basins, a fiber-optic internet cafe, and a pavilion.  A multi-purpose bathhouse/pavilion.

Updates as of February 2024  (the outside is finished).



This is the new bathroom attached to Party Central which now has three stalls two urinals and a wash basin with two sinks

New Storage Building

This new storage building will store about 12 more campers inside over winter.  If you want to be on the list for this new building for the coming fall and winter season, contact Marv directly at 715-299-7138 after April 17th, 2024.

As of this year,  storage prices for campers:  30 ft long and shorter $400 for the season and for campers 40 ft long and shorter $600 for the season.  Campers 40-45 feet in length will be $800 for the season.

This will be the new 50X100 14 ft high storage building.


Lastly, prepare to be intrigued by the NCN-Style addition of a new cabin and the new electric sites.  With these new sites, we’re introducing a harmonious balance, allowing you to recharge both yourself and your devices in the midst of nature’s beauty, NCN-Style.

Richy Rich’s Finished Cabin


Join us in embracing the anticipation and enthusiasm as we unveil the future of Camp NCN – where nature meets innovation for an unforgettable 2024 season.